Rehearsals Rolling Stone at De Bijloke

We ended the year rehearsing our new show Rolling Stone at De Bijloke, a retroactive approach to Brumel’s Earthquake mass, from our times of disaster back to the iconoclasms and wars of the 16th century, when Brumel’s masterpiece miraculously re-emerged, featuring repetition, movement but also petrifying inertia (comparable to Bruegel’s stone/grisaille paintings, articulating the end of art) with an incredible cast and an equally promising tour in 2023, starting in Konzerthaus Vienna on 24 January and with Belgian premiere in Bozar for the Klarafestival on 17 March.

With Florencia Menconi, Teodora Tommasi, Andrew Hallock, Albert Riera, Andrés Miravete, Marius Peterson, Tomàs Maxé, Arnout Malfliet, Berlinde Deman, Pierre-Antoine Tremblay, Christopher Price, Lluis Coll, Manuel Mota, Alex Fostier and Björn Schmelzer.