528 pages / 27 x 21,5 cm
Published by
MER. Paper Kunsthalle
Language: EN
Design Gerard Leysen
ISBN 978 94 9304 500 2
2 volumes

A book by Björn Schmelzer & Margarida Garcia, in two volumes, abundantly illustrated, providing exhaustive commentaries and color reproductions of the ten atlas-plates.

“One never re-gains time without the risk of grain, distortion and impurity.”

This publication is a kind of workbook or manual. It is not a music history, nor is it a technical, musicological book. It is rather a book about materials – musical materials and their relation to other artistic materials. It is not a book for professionals or specialists but for those who like to explore the capacities and possibilities of artistic materials. However, it never talks about them in a technical way. This book is instead about love and desire for old repertoires, and especially for polyphony, attempting to retrace its shape: the initial desire that makes one want to perform this music.

Read a Polish review at Glissando.pl.

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