On the occasion of the Van Eyck year, Björn Schmelzer and ensemble Graindelavoix created a performance with polyphony as a salute to the life and work of their faithful friend Gerard Van den Acker, whose untimely death abruptly ended a promising and sensational Van Eyck research.As a result of the current situation VAN EYCK DIAGRAMS was given new impulse as a feature film. It is not just a tribute to Van Eyck's universe and to his visionary interpreter, but also an evocation of the artist’s struggle to be heard, seen and understood.Polyphony portrait, art historical documentary, philosophical film noir or just Flemish Covid comedy?
VAN EYCK DIAGRAMS is all that and much more.

Written, directed and edited by Björn Schmelzer
Margarida Garcia, Co-Director
With Alain Franco, Andrew Hallock, Albert Riera, Marius Peterson, Arnout Malfliet, Marlies De Munck, Bert Timmermans, Timothy Foubert, Paul Robbrecht, Babucarr Joof, Jana De Lange, Lisa Roelands, Sophie Hellemans, Peter Malfliet, Dauwe Bogaerts, Cas Ezzy, Sasha Lima, Manuel Mota, David Maranha, Margarida Garcia & Björn Schmelzer
Felipe Pipi, Director of Photography
Olivier Blanc, Anton Vodenitcharov & Alex Fostier, Sound
Soundtrack by Graindelavoix
Willem Van Vooren & Katrijn Degans, Production
In coproduction with Music Centre De Bijloke Ghent and KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen with the support of the City of Ghent and Flemish Community.